26 decembrie 2010


You turned my world upside down.And now I can't find a way to make things right again.
You make me go asdfghjkl. And I fucking hate it.
You take out the worst in me. And manage to put a smile on my face just by saying hello.It make me sad when you don' t say goodbye. Wich is ninery percent of the time.
And I hate how we are so apart.
You are the last think I think about when I go to sleep. And it makes me sick.
But the words just don't seem to end, when it comes to you.
And the last thing, could you please tell these butterflies to go away? Because the're laughing at my face ..Thanks!

P.S: I miss you. I fucking hate this.. YES, I miss you.

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Anna Ăă spunea...

nu pot sa cred cat de asemanatoare e povestea mea cu cea scrisa mai sus ... :|

Adinuts spunea...


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