24 ianuarie 2011


Hm, avand in vedere ca tocmai am facut peste 10.000 de vizualizari m-am gandit sa fac un post cu toate titlurile postarilor de pana acum. So, sa vedem ce iese :

Da, am blog. Grecia? E Julia?Nu e Julia? No one like you. Cineva sa ne aduca vara inapoi. Azi nustu. Treisutezece. Super. Wtf?! Emilic! Din ce in ce mai aproape.. Something like summer. 14. Cam da. Another shit. Parerea lor. Eurovision 2010. SUMMER. Rahat. Am murit? Raindrop. Cu placere chiar. Naspa de naspa ba baieti. Aaaaaahahaha, asta e vara. "Omg Justin Bieber". Seaside. Urban dictionary. Look what I found. It hurts so bad.. Best friends are forever. Leapsa! Desene ♥. Curatenie. Facebook spune: Leapsa 2. GE NI AL. Yes, I am. 2000 question. Comment va rog. Summer's gone. Hahahaha. Juno. Mc ţicăn. MEGA like. Last day. How to use the "fuck" word. Hogwarts. Beznă. Love me? Love me not? Escape the fate. October. Viata cu Louie. Love is back for me. New moon. Bad day. 30 ways to make a girl smile. Our little car. Ploaie cu soare. Beyond blue eyes. Same shit, different day. Epic. 25 things a perfect guy would do. ♥. My previous life. It's killing me.. Rihanna - Don't give a damn about you. De ce iubim.. Alta leapsa. Future ? Rihanna mania. Hard. I only want you. Respir incet. Y O U. What easy way ? Remember December. Bad week. Happy ending. Absolutely true. Forget it. Who fuckin' cares ? Let it snowww. Oh na na. Adiopa. Heartbeat. Get out of here. Letter. Up to the sky. 2010 Playlist. Wishing you all a very ..Complicated. Eclipse. Goodbye. Teenage dream. Tell me. She's broken. He's ok. Real girls. My soul. Turquoise. So.. Odododo. Last day. Happy new year! Or maybe not. Lovesick. Vară mai repede. Baby it's cold outside. I don't care. Hahaha. Chill out, slut. Ways to get to a girls head. Leapsa. Epic. Yes, you. Blog-mania. Broken. Mom mom mom. I want you to want me. Definition of love. Take a step back. I hate winter. My love ♥♥♥. Thank you!

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