13 februarie 2011

I hate missing you

When you lose someone, someone you love; when they break your heart, it’s the hardest thing you could ever go through. And no matter how much time has passed, it never really goes away. You may think you’re getting better, but then you get a flashback or hear a song that reminds you of a memory, and it hits you all over again, all at once, like a stab in the chest. You fall apart, for the hundredth time, and you feel like you just want to crawl under a rock and never come back. You love this person with all of your heart, even though you know you shouldn’t. They hurt you worse than you’ve ever been hurt. They stole your happiness, but yet you still want them, and only them. Other people come along and give you chances to move one, but you know you don’t want to. It upsets you and you might be moving on because you promised you never would, and even if they broke all their promises, you want to keep yours. On top of that, you’re terrified. Terrified of getting hurt again, but it’s not like it matters anyway, at the end of the day you’re still thinking about the person who has left you completely broken. You don’t want to miss them anymore. You don’twant to love them anymore, but you know you always will.
I wish you were here with me, right here, right now, but in reality, you’re not here right now by my side. I wish you would know how much i miss you, because i would just drop everything right now just to see you. I love you, and only you.

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