07 februarie 2011

Letter of my dreams

"Dear Girl,

I want you to know that I'm trying my best to find you, and I know how hard is also for you to be doing the same. Along the way I have met different women thinking they might be you, but then I feel like part of me was still missing. I hope you met a lot of men too. I know how many teardrops ran down your face because of them, but I promise you that when we meet, I won't let a single teardrop fall without me there to wipe it off your face. Just a little more sacrifice and we'll see each other, and I promisse to never let you go.

I know we'll find each othen soon. I love you
Doamne cat mi-as dorii sa primesc o astfel de scrisoare   

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Pufa. spunea...

da da da da da da da da <3

omul cu ciocolata spunea...

Draga mea ,
Vreau sa-ti spun ca Fat-Frumos m-a rugat sa-l ierti ca nu a venit , inca . Momentan este ocupat cu alte d-re care suspina dupa el si al sau cal alb . Nu trebuie sa-ti faci griji , candva va sosi. Timp estimat : 40-120 ani .

Cu mult respect ,

Adinuts spunea...

@ Omul cu ciocolata : Huh? :))

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